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Two siblings borned and raised in Venezuela by an amazing woman and incredible friends came up with an idea that with a lot of hard work, determination and persistence became a reality. 

Mercedes Rojas, founder of the arepa stand has worked in the industry for over a decade under some amazing Chefs throughout the united states. Although her passion for food comes from her mom and dad as well as her grandmother. Mercedes believes her most wonderful cooking experience was working with Suzanne Goin as the CDC of iconic Lucques Restaurant in Los Angeles. Not only working under an amazing chef was the inspiration but the people that she met in that restaurant would have inspired anyone to want to conquer the world. 

Zeus Ferrini, co-founder of The Arepa Stand with an extensive background in business is the creative genius behind their venture. Neither Zeus or Mercedes ever thought of being business partners, it just happened gradually and with time became the strongest bond grown with respect and having the same purpose “making people happy doing something we believe in and love”. 


With the help of their Mom Belinda, incredible California farmers and friends The arepa stand popped up for a Demo at Mar Vista Farmers Market one Sunday. With borrowed equipment, zero funding, tons of sweat and tears and a lot of free help. The first day was a success!

With each week and each market The Arepa Stand grew stronger and the siblings continued to pursue opening more markets. They are now at 5 locations and continue to build up on their dream of becoming a brick and mortar.

The Arepa Stand is a family business built with the purpose of bringing people together through good food, amazing service, hard work and lots of fun. 


We are proud of what this has become and what it will be and it is our most pleasure to be able to share it with all of you. Thank you all for your love and support!

Stay tuned for all that is next!


With love,

The Arepa Stand Team
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