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  • Perfect for birthday parties, pool parties, etc.

  • Minimun order 20 arepas.

  • Arepas available, The Hills (Vegan), The Hills with cheese (Vegetarian), The Westsider (Chicken),  The 405 (Beef).

  • Complementary sauces included.

  • 20% Delivery/Service charge.

  • Catering menu only (see image below)


  • Great for bigger events such as weddings, big birthday parties, corporate events, movie sets, etc.

  • Minimum order 120 arepas.

  • Arepas are made to order.

  • Services time 2 hours.

  • 20% gratuity & sales tax.

  • Extended service is $500 after the initial 2 hours of service.

  • Catering menu ONLY. (see image below)

Catering menu

At The Arepa Stand, we pride ourselves by making Venezuelan food with the best ingredients the California farmers have to offer. 

Our Arepas are traditional with a California twist which makes them the perfect fit for your upcoming event!

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